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How to identify true and fake Ray-Ban

How to identify true cheap Ray Rays and fake Ray-Ban sunglasses?
1, screws, Ray-Ban some, concave at the bottom of the mirror legs open and closed with a sense of damping
2, nose care inside, silver metal plus lettering, fluent font
3, the lens on the ray-ban font, especially a letter of the wording, the middle of the "-" approximate ellipse.
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Ray Ban in the country the most classic two series, aviator pilots, Wayfarer Cruiser, the former representative is RB3025, the latter is RB2140, these two are in fact not suitable for Asians.
Because both are suitable for foreigners with relatively high nose, Asians generally can not stand up
Recommended Ray-Ban's New Wayfarer series, that is, the new Cruiser RB2132, this is designed specifically for Asians.
Ray Ban Outlet Brand of products, quality is a system, you rest assured.
But referring to comfort, it is a matter of opinion, the frames are designed and manufactured according to the average value of the crowd, fell on the individual body, ye can ensure that everyone is satisfied?
Materials are so few, if the material is good enough weight, but also in the long-term stability, but also with the immediate comfort is not much.
Ray-Ban is a 80-year-old brand, its unique style has been borrowed from many brands or plagiarism plagiarism can be said that Ray-Ban brand is the largest brand of domestic fakes.
Ray-Ban in the field of glasses has also been a profound accumulation of contempt. For example, you say the comfort, each person's face size, comfort requirements are very different, not to your comfort as inference quality standards, this is too unfair to Ray-Ban.
Cheap Ray-Ban's sales volume is very large, there are many authorized channels, and only access to the brand authorized to purchase only quality assurance. Do not trust the quality of the same argument without the proof of authority.
According to the various series of prices vary widely, each series of fake Ray Bans, the price of different parameters are not the same, you can find the approximate range of the Internet. In the authorized channel to buy, select the customer's evaluation (especially negative evaluation) is the best way to trustworthy.
Need to remind you is that professional people selling fake people are familiar with your psychology, they do not think you can think of the price, packaging, security and other issues you can see the flaws.
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