Sunday, February 26, 2017

The biggest and important sunglasses in the world-Ray Ban

    Ray Ban is the biggest and important sunglasses brand in the world.Ray Ban contains so many types like Aviator,Clubmaster and so on.And all the Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses are classic and style so that it is so worth to buy a pair and it will make yourself sleek and beautiful.

Ray Ban Aviator

    2017 looks like it is going to be another good year for ray ban,who are releasing some different new models with frame colors and lens technology.Look back the history of Ray Ban UK,the classic Aviator and Wayfarers is the most popular shapes of any form of Ray Ban sunglasses.We will be curious about where the Knockoff Ray Ban Aviator come from and how it can performance wonderfully before,now and forever.So that the cheap Ray Bans are the only weakness of many sport celebrates and other eminent people.

                       Ray Ban Wayfarer
     It came from 1929. First, Bausch would create aviation sunglasses which can reduce the distraction for pilots caused by the intense blue and white hues of the sky.Second,the goggles of the pilots would fog up at the high altitude.Face so many problems the Ray Ban Sunglasses create in 1936 with plastic frame and green lenses which can cut out the glare without obscuring vision.In 1938,they add impact-resistant lenses.An then it was born which named 'Ray Ban Aviator 'with the metal frame the following years.And in 1952,they created the Ray Ban Wayfarers using plastic frames.And then after one year,the now-standard and classic G-15 green and grey lenses were made and then the lenses will be used permanently.
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