Monday, September 19, 2016

How to clean Ray Bans-some tips

Every one may face one problem-how to clean the fake ray bans.
  The timeless and high quality ray ban sunglasses in your hand clean regular or clean when the glasses are with dirt and grit.
  First,clean the dirt and grit with clean water.
  Then,make a solution of clean,warm water with a drop of mild dish soap with a lens cleaning cloth not with a paper towel or clothing which can scratch the lenses when the lenses are any smudges.

  And the third,fold the ray ban sunglasses frames closed,cleaning the hinges.Rub the entire surface carefully with the cleaning lens cloth especially the nose pieces and the hinges.
  If necessary,diassemble the hinges and nose pieces with a repair kit,clean,and put them back together again.
  The last,keep the fake ray bans clean and dry with the clean and dry lens cloth. Be sure that the sunglasses are completely dry.
  Keeping your fake ray bans sunglasses clean will help them and you look great and perform well.